The Blue Card

The Blue Card is a residence permit that makes it much easier for specific professional and training groups to work in Germany.

The Blue Card has therefore been the most commonly used residence permit for academic professionals from abroad since 1 August 2012. The Blue Card is granted in a simplified procedure without the involvement of the Federal Employment Agency.

The following conditions must be met in order to be eligible for a Blue Card:

  • A Blue Card is only available if you have an employment contract.
  • The applicant must provide proof that they have completed a university degree in Germany or that their foreign university degree is recognised in Germany.
  • Your new job must offer of a minimum gross salary of €52,000 at present.
  • The salary threshold in the so-called professions in particularly high demand, where there are a high number of vacant positions in Germany, is currently still somewhat lower, namely €40,560. For example, this applies to doctors and engineers, but also to scientists, mathematicians and IT specialists.

The Blue Card o ers numerous privileges for you and your family. You can use it from the outset to make more long-term plans for your future in Germany:

  • You can obtain a permanent residence permit after a stay of just 33 months.
  • If you can demonstrate B1 level German language skills, the permanent residence permit is even issued after just 21 months.

The Blue Card is exclusively issued by the immigration authorities in Germany.

Third-country nationals requiring a visa in cases where the Blue Card must be granted for entry into Germany will initially be granted a national visa by the appropriate German Embassy / Consulate for entry into the country for employment purposes.